Compeer Rochester



Compeer Rochester came to The Cause Collaborative with a need to raise awareness of Compeer's mission to provide friendships and supportive relationships, while working to eliminate the stigma around mental illness in Rochester. With the mindset of no challenge is insurmountable - our team set out to achieve.

Our first order of business was to get to know the Compeer team and organization - we dug deep so we could truly tell their story. We assessed Compeer's identity, ultimately aligning their branding and messaging with the work they did for the Rochester community. 

Step two was to provide strategies for outreach to increase volunteerism and fundraising for the organization. We provided campaign and fundraising appeal strategies, along with strategy for outreach to new community partners and sponsors.

We were also aware that the conversation around mental illness needed to be amped up in the community. We developed campaign strategies, and provided public relations outreach and support to make sure that earned media was a component to their integrated marketing approach.