Lollypop Farm



We've worked with Lollypop Farm since 2015. Lollypop came to us asking for a team with a vision for their annual Gala events hosted in the Spring each year. They'd had around a dozen Galas at the time, and knew what they liked - events with colorful creativity. Our team knew just what to do. The event needed a tie in to the animals, and it needed storytelling through the event experience.

Our first year, we concepted the Gala experience to be based off the nostalgic Wizard of Oz/Emerald City with the theme of "There's No Place Like Home" tying back to animal adoptions and helping animals find their forever homes. Hand-drawn animal characters were drawn to become the movies characters (a "Cat" as Dorothy, a dog as "Tin Man", a horse as "Scarecrow", a pig as "Lion", and a guinea pig as "ToTo"). Guests loved the event backdrops painted by a GEVA artist of Emerald City, Dorothy's House, and the wicked forest. The yellow brick road throughout the event was a show-stopper and brought the event to life by tying it all together given the multi-room venue. 

The second year, our team concepted a whimsical and enchanted evening with the theme "Fairytail Ball" based off of the journey to find animals fairytale endings. We worked with a local photographer to feature real animals from Lollypop Farm in all marketing materials. At the event itself, guests loved the events enormous castle facade as a stage with guests overlooking from a 'courtyard', a horse-drawn carriage made of balloons, and a giant hand-painted throne for the photo booth area. They also loved the giant hand-painted rearing horse we borrowed from a local artist from "Horses On Parade". From castle costumes, to themed silent and live auction items, we had a blast bringing this fairytale to life.

With both events, there were more community partners working together to ensure the events success than in year's past and even more revenue with wonderful feedback of the event experience.