Sojourner House



When we first toured Sojourner House, we walked through the facility and met the staff and residents and were blown away by the sense of community, and of course the organization's mission to assist homeless women and children providing housing, self-sufficiency skills, and education programs, including after school tutoring and performing arts classes for kids.

We walked through the facility and quickly sensed that they needed some new furniture for their dining room. At the time, they had donated round tables and uncomfortable chairs to eat and also do group activities/homework on. We came back to the office and quickly called local furniture company, Staach, who agreed to design and build a custom (24 seater) family style table at cost. We then launched a crowd funding campaign, and were able to secure the funding necessary to build the table, benches and hi-chairs for the facility. 

Unfortunately, Sojourner House had funding eliminated. Sojourner House asked us to help them with a first-time Gala that would both tell their story, fundraise, and also celebrate 35 years. We themed the gala the "Gala for Strength - Celebrating 35 years". We were thrilled to come on board to celebrate the organizations decades of service to Rochester's homeless women and children, and provide a fundraising event strategy. With a quick turnaround of only 3 months time, we were able to plan and manage a beautiful Gala event with a silent auction and cash call - helping the organization to raise thousands of dollars quickly all while solidifying relationships with longtime donors as well as new donors.